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History of Heritage Lake

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Heritage Lake began in July 1971 with construction of the Dam. Intended to be a recreational homesite development envisioned by American Central Corp., the lake is 316 acres and averages 18 feet in depth with 10 miles of shoreline.

The planned community was divided into 2,986 lots. 50 years later, in 2021, there are 1,522 homes built in the community. Initially expected to be primarily a 2nd home development, approximately 70% of homes are now year-round permanent residences that nearly 3,000 people call home.

Governed by the Heritage Lake Property Owner’s Association (HLPOA) that was incorporated December 29, 1972, American Central turned over all management and financial responsibility of the community to the HLPOA in 1979.

What is now the Activity Center was constructed as the initial Clubhouse in 1973 along with the original Pool, Beaches and other amenities. The current Clubhouse was built in 1993 and the original Marina construction was completed in 1995 with the newer Marina facility completed in 2020.

This Historic marker was erected May 27, 2021 by the 50th Anniversary Committee


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